Black Supplier Certification

Do you think your company has what it takes to do business with Corporate South Africa? Is your business majority-black owned and managed? Become listed on the SASDC Database of Bona Fide Black Suppliers!

What is Certification?

The SASDC implements a rigorous black supplier certification process that is approved by the Council’s members as a collectively endorsed methodology and standard for assessing and certifying black suppliers with whom they would be prepared to transact. This database:

  • Is owned, managed and maintained by the Council.
  • Only contains bona-fide black suppliers that have been certified as “transaction-ready” to do business with Council members.
  • Is aligned with the supplier assessment and vetting processes that Council members would normally undertake with all their new suppliers.
  • Is aimed at reducing the cost and time that would be expended independently by each of the council members in the absence of such a database.

The SASDC has a standardized procedure of certifying BLACK-OWNED BUSINESS ENTERPRISES to ensure consistent and identical review and certification.

Certification involves:

  • Completing the certification application form,
  • Submitting paperwork and supporting documents about your company, along with a non-refundable certification application fee,
  • An internal review of your company`s certification application package,
  • Undergoing a site visit,
  • A secondary review of your certification application package,
  • Approval or denial by our certification committee.

Who do we Certify?


These are for-profit enterprises, regardless of size, physically located in South Africa which are majority owned, operated and controlled by Black persons.

Black persons are South African citizens who are Indian, African and Coloured.

Ownership by these individuals means the business is more than 50% owned by black persons or, in the case of a publicly-owned business, more than 50% of the stock is owned by one or more such individuals. Further, the management and daily operations are controlled by these persons.

What are the Benefits of Certification?




  • Cost effective
  • Marketing tool for products and services
  • Quid pro quo relationship
  • Expanding customer base and market share
  • Access to new emerging markets economy
  • Access to emerging markets
  • Compliance with Governmental requirements
  • Validation of BLACK-OWNED status
  • Opportunities for sales and marketing
  • Access to mentor programs
  • Access to learner ship programs
  • Technical assistance
  • Financial assistance & support
  • National & international market access
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