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Guidelines, Articles and Tools for improving your business

The current COVID-19 crisis will have a global impact on business. Whilst we work on innovative solutions for SMMEs in South Africa, we share our resources, which we hope will assist you in navigating some of the challenges during this time to better prepare you for the future and our new reality. 

(Articles and resources from GrowthWheel.  The SASDC is a licensed GrowthWheel advisor)


 Crisis Management Tools

Many aspects of the COVID-19 crisis are simply beyond our control.  As a GrowthWheel advisor, the SASDC is able to share with you this Crisis Management tool to think about the decisions and actions you need to take. 

  • Crisis Description: Make an honest description of all aspects of the crisis DOWNLOAD
  • Solution Planning: Find the best solution to get the company out of the crisis DOWNLOAD
  • Crisis Agenda: Put the most important topics on the management agenda DOWNLOAD
  • Rescue Team: Map out the people that can help save the company DOWNLOAD
  • Contract Negotiation: Explore possibilities to renegotiate contract terms DOWNLOAD
  • Cash Management: Find ways to create better short-term and long-term cash flow DOWNLOAD

7 Different Ways to Grow and Develop your Business —Alternatives to merely “getting bigger”

Not all entrepreneurs want to grow big but all should hope to develop.  Explore some of the alternatives to creating a big company. DOWNLOAD


26 Sources of Income —Make money from good ideas

An idea is not enough - entrepreneurs also need to make money from them.  Consider these possibilities to make money from a good idea.  DOWNLOAD


100 Ways to Market your Company

Entrepreneurs need to market themselves, however resources are often limited.  How can you market your business and get value for money at the same time?  DOWNLOAD


Smart IT Systems for Smart Businesses

IT systems support daily operations but are also a tool to assist you to be more effective than your competitors.  Review which IT systems are worth investing in.  DOWNLOAD


Useful Budgets –Controlling finances in the new fiscal year

Sometimes it seems pointless to make a budget when the future is so uncertain.  Explore how the budget can be a tool for developing your business.  DOWNLOAD