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Tips for being Productive while working from home

  1. Create a working Space

Creating a cozy yet productive space that is perfectly suited to your individual working style helps in fuelling creativity and it will motivate you.

  1. Put yourself in a good position

Maintain a proper body alignment by ensuring that you use a comfortable chair, your laptop position is up to eye level to reduce strain on your neck and there is a good lighting in your space.

  1. Implement a Morning Routine

Setting aside a few minutes in the morning to do some sort of self-care routine can be helpful in improving your brain function. Define working hours as per your office environment while avoiding swing shifts.

  1. Set a Schedule

To keep you on track with your workload you need to stablish your start time, midday break periods and what time you’ll clock out for the day

  1. Effective way to respond to emails and messages

Extensive communication with your co-workers is key, since face-to-face interaction is not an option but colloquial messages are often interrupting the work day.

  1. Create a schedule for children

Plan ahead of time the activities you want to put in place for your children, set time each day for when you want them to eat lunch and breaks. This way, you will be able to better organize your own time for work.

  1. Set daily goals for yourself

Keeps you motivated and work orientated. You can even add some small rewards for yourself once each goal is achieved. An example of a reward can be a break or a healthy snack. This way, you get more done each day

  1. Stay Hydrated

It helps you to keep alert and focused at all times

  1. Avoid TV and household chores during work day

Getting distracted from TV or by doing household chores can be easy, switching gears from one area to the next can be a huge productivity killer therefore your energy can be easily depleted thus leaving you with much less energy to tackle your work tasks.