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We help improve your corporate image, increase your market share, competitiveness and B-BBEE compliance by sustainably integrating black-owned suppliers into your supply chain, while indirectly growing black businesses, employment, and our economy. By executing our mission of…



       We help market leaders better buy from and develop Black suppliers!!!

Do you think your corporation is a market leader?

It is evident that companies who embrace change are better positioned to capitalize on new opportunities that such change brings, particularly in multicultural markets that are becoming more lucrative for growth.  The SASDC provides a growing business ecosystem wherein it corporate members pursue a common sense of purpose and leverage the platform for accessing unique benefits and services.

At the SASDC, we believe that change is a rewarding journey, one which we are eager to travel along with Corporate South Africa and unlock the increasing value that Black suppliers have to offer.

Contact us and find out how other market leaders are using the SASDC to improve their brand, image, market share, competitiveness and compliance.


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We provide a wide range of services to our members (corporate and Government organisations) and our certified suppliers, which encompass:

  • Access to SASDC Corporate members and a Pool of verified Black Owned Suppliers
  • Supplier Diversity as well as Supplier Development Best Practices, Tools and Training
  • Corporate Branding and Exposure through SASDC communication channels
  • Participation in events for Linkage and Match making between our Corporates and the Black Owned suppliers that we certify
  • Involvement in SASDC Governance, Leadership and Operational Structures (Membership Advocacy, Supplier Certification, Capacity Building and Black Supplier Input Committees) to drive member priorities and the organisations shared mission.
  • Facilitated and aligned Supplier Development interventions that supports member specific supplier capacity building objectives
  • A growing business network that extends to global partners around the world
  • Facilitating linkages between certified Black-owned suppliers and non-black owned businesses who are looking to partner and have specified partner requirements upfront (NB: we connect the parties but do not broker deals)
  • and more.....

Performance Statistics

Corporate Members
Certified Black Suppliers
people employed by certified suppliers
3.000000000 Billion ZAR
Value of Spend between Corporates and Suppliers


Rand Water and Reba Chemicals

Initially established in 1982 after recognizing a gap in the availability of industrial chemicals in South Africa, Reba Chemicals (http://www.rebachemicals.co.za/) was sold in 2008 to its current owner and Managing Director, Mr. Freddy Motau. Reba Chemicals manufactures a wide range of

Shell SA & Nozihle Cleaning Services

Nozihle Cleaning Services (Nozihle) (http://www.nozihlecleaningservices.co.za/) provides tailored cleaning, gardening, and hygiene services, specialising in environmentallyfriendly methods. Based in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga, Nozihle was established in 2003 by Ms Dolly Mbuyane, initially on a part-time basis, with operations being-scaled up to a

Foskor and Deltron Consulting Pty (Ltd)

Deltron Consulting was started in 2012 and currently has offices in both Johannesburg and Durban. The Durban office is responsible for all coastal projects in KZN, Eastern Cape, and Western Cape. Deltron Consulting (http://www.deltron.co.za/index.html) is a professional services company that operates

SASOL and Libra Landscape

In 2005, Eskom’s Horticulture Services Department decided to outsource their services. This affected many employees, including Ms. Lebo Ramakuela, who had worked at Eskom for 9 years. Ms. Ramakuela, a young black South African horticulturist, and her colleague Christo Saaiman,

FAQs - About Certifcation

  • The Certification Process

    1. What is the fee for certification?

    • Certification requires R 1,150-00 (incl. VAT) non-refundable certification application fee.

    2. How long is the process for certification?

    • From the time we receive a completed and corrected Certification Application and package, the certification process can take anywhere from 30 to 60 days to complete.

  • Prospective Certified Supplier Qualifications

    1. What is the criteria set out for qualification of a bona fide black supplier?

    • Your company must be 51% or more black- owned, controlled and managed.

    • The persons who make up the majority ownership must be South African Citizens.

    • The highest titled position in the business (i.e. Managing Director or Member, CEO, Chairman of the Board etc.) must be held by a black person.

    • The business must be headquartered in South Africa.

    • The business must be compliant with the statutory requirements of South Africa.

    • The business must be operating and can demonstrate a clear product and/or service offering.

    2. I’m a black entrepreneur wishing to start up my own business. Can the SASDC help me?

    • Unfortunately the SASDC only works with established-black owned businesses who are ready to reach corporate procurement staff. We don’t specialize in enterprise development because there is already an extended network of assistance in that area.

    3. I’m a foundation or a service-providing non-profit organization. Can I become certified?

    • No, unfortunately the SASDC does not certify foundations or service-providing non-profit organizations at this time.

  • Boundaries of Certification

    1. Does the SASDC provide any funding?

    • No, unfortunately we do not provide financial assistance for SMME development.

    2. If the SASDC doesn’t provide any funding, can it facilitate funding support with other organizations, including its corporate members?

    • If you’re seeking financial support we recommend utilizing other resources focusing on enterprise development. While there are many sourcing of funding for South African SMME`s, the Department of Trade and Industry has compiled a list of financial support resources to qualifying companies in various sectors of the economy. Please visit their website here for more information. Once you`re transaction-ready and seek exposure to our corporate members, come back and seek certification!

    3. If the SASDC doesn’t provide funding, exactly how does the SASDC support SMME’s?

    • With multiple options available to SMME’s for Enterprise Development, the SASDC aims to be the leading service provider fostering business linkages between transaction-ready SMMEs and corporate enterprises.

FAQs - About Membership

  • Who can become a member of the SASDC?
    • Private sector companies registered and operating in South Africa
    • State-own Companies / Enterprises
    • Universities and Independent Tertiary institutions
  • What does it cost to be a member of the Council?

    We have a 2-tiered membership subscription structure which is determined by the Board of Directors.

    Core Membership with the basic benefits and services will come at an annual investment of R87,500 (excl. VAT).  Additional service requirements would be subject to a fee being levied.

    Charter Membership is always recommended because of the additional services and benefits that you will be able to access at an included discounted value.  This membership involves an annual investment of R175,000 (excl. VAT).

    * Annual subscriptions fees can be adjusted at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

  • Why should I pay for membership?

    The SASDC is corporate-led and driven and as a non-profit company, driven by our mission to create the best possible circumstances for corporate members and certified suppliers to do business.  Black owned businesses that we certify are beneficiaries of our mission.  Membership fees subsidize our certification processes, our supplier capacity building initiatives and linkage facilitation services, over and above the direct benefits and services rendered to our members.

Our Corporate Members