Mr Grant Clarke is the Managing Director of C. Steinweg Logistics, a subsidiary of one of the largest exporters of containerised cargo by rail in Southern Africa, C. Steinweg Bridge (Pty) Ltd.  

Mr. Clarke has a wide range of experience in various industries, and has fostered his career at several blue chip South African companies. His strong problem solving and lateral thinking skills has contributed to his success at the helm of C. Steinweg Logistics, a leading and growing Level 1 B-BBEE Clearing and Forwarding business.

Mr. Clarke is a seasoned director who comes with many years of supply chain, transport and logistics expertise that will add tremendous value to the SASDC.  He is a qualified Mechanical Engineer and is in the process of finalising his research report for concluding his MBA at Wits Business School.

“I’m ecstatic at the opportunity to be able to use the skills I’ve been fortunate to acquire over the years to drive change. There is a limited ability within one business to drive transformation, and I believe that the SASDC will expand that reach. I’m also excited to learn even more from my fellow Board Members over the next year,” said Mr. Clarke.

In regard to how his values aligns with the council and its mission, Mr. Clarke adds: “I believe that if I had been asked to write my own set, they could be superimposed on one another. The SASDC has set out to create sustainable transformation and in the process has become trusted in verifying the true credentials of transformed businesses. This eliminates the ability for fronting and unlocks competitiveness for legitimate black businesses.

“Laws and Rules create resistance to change and people tend to push back when they get told they have to. The SASDC changes the approach to one of creating change not forcing change. The more like-minded companies and individuals that work together and prove that transformed businesses are more successful, the more likely people will be to adopt this change.”